About the Lakeshore Apartment Association


The Lakeshore Apartment Association came into existence in September 1980. Due to increased pressure from Federal and State regulations, and a general lack of knowledge among many of the local apartment owners, we felt a need to protect our current and future investments in real estate and educate landlords so that they can be more responsible and effective owners. Property owners have gained power from working together toward common goals. The Lakeshore Apartment Association speaks with a powerful voice to protect landlord’s rights and profits.


The vision of the Lakeshore Apartment Association Inc., is to be the premier educational, legislative, legal and management resource serving the needs of landlords/real estate investors at all levels of experience and involvement in Sheboygan county and surrounding counties.


To advance the general welfare of the rental housing industry.

To inspire members to further educate themselves in the practical management of their apartment operations through attending meetings and networking with other landlords.

To promote the enforcement of Local, State and Federal laws beneficial to the apartment industry and free enterprise, as well as educate the members in the application and compliance of the laws and regulations that exist.

To advocate a code of ethics to maintain high professional standards and sound business methods among its members for the best interest of the industry.

To encourage rental property owners to have a high appreciation of the objectives and responsibilities of apartment ownership in order to provide adequate housing within the apartment industry.

To educate and inform members of useful information, including new legislation and government programs available.

To promote and organize the legislative activities of our members.


We have a dedicated leadership team with a wide range of experiance and expertise. Learn more about our leadership and board of directors.